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Kristine Mann Library
C. G. Jung Center
28 E. 39th St, 4th Floor
NYC NY 10016

Tel: 212-697-7877
Fax: 212-986-1743

Library Hours:

Mon. 10:15 - 7:00
Tues., Wed.  10:15 - 6:00
Thursdays by appointment.

The library is closed on Fridays, legal holidays, and during the month of August and the end-of-year holiday break.


In House Computer Resources:

Simple Catalog Search

Expert Catalog Search

Search Abstracts of Jung's Collected Works

Note:  The JungCW, the KML computer database of NIMH abstracts for all the individual titles in Jung's Collected Works, v1-18, is also searchable in the library.

Local Services:

Research: Any member of the public may conduct research on Library premises at no charge. No appointment is necessary during our regular hours.

Computer searching is available in the library for approximately 50% of its catalogued materials:

  • The KMLCat is our searchable full-text general database for books, audiovisuals, files and journal article listings.
  • The JungCW is our searchable database which contains the NIMH abstracts of all the separate entries in C. G. Jung's Collected Works, v1-18. You can also search the JungCW online.

 Card catalogs through 1986 may also be consulted.

 Photocopies of non-restricted materials may be made onsite at a charge of 10 cents a copy.

Borrowing: The Library has a large circulating collection of books, files and tapes. Borrowing is available to residents of the Metropolitan New York area who support the Library through annual KML library dues or who are members of the APC of New York or analysts-in-training at the C.G. Jung Institute of New York.

Most materials are lent for one to three weeks and may be renewed, depending on waiting lists. Audiotapes may be borrowed for $.75 a week; videos for $3.00 a week.

Long Distance Services:

The Library does not lend its materials to other libraries through interlibrary loan. Photocopies of out-of-print materials or those difficult to obtain elsewhere may be sent out to institutions or individual researchers, subject to "fair use" copyright regulations. 

Photocopies and/or bibliographies may be ordered and sent at a charge of 60 cents a page, with a minimum of $6.00 per order. Faxing is available at an additional $1.00 a page. Special research assistance is available at $20.00 per hour.

Kristine Mann Library Mission Statement:

The Library has a broad constituency and an open policy. It serves the members of the Analytical Psychology Club, the analysts-in-training of the C. G. Jung Institute of New York and other members of the local, national and international Jungian community. It is also a research library for students and teachers from high schools, colleges and universities, and for professionals in the fields of psychology, religion, media, business and the arts. Equally important, the Library is a resource for nonprofessionals interested in their own self-development.

The mission of the Library is to provide intellectual access, as well as assistance and training in the location and use of its unique collection, to students and others interested in the work of C. G. Jung. The Library is the steward of its present resources and of the information and services that will become available in the future. 

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